Sophie owned by Piotr & Rachel N



If you love pet rats, or you just want to find out more about them then you have come to the right place ! 

The Australian Rat Fanciers Society (AusRFS) is based in Melbourne

and is a club for owners of domesticated pet rats (Rattus norvegicus domestica).


We are a very active, social and family orientated club. 

Members come from all walks of life, backgrounds

and age groups, but share a common passion – RATTIES.

Contact us

Phone                         0401 741 162 (voice calls only, no texts please)



Facebook Page

Advice Lines               0401 741 162,   0400 928 044,   0498 021 237

Boarding Service       Via the AusRFS email address or phone number

Rescue Service          Julie McInnes - Phone:  0414 864 278

AusRFS Activities Update

We are pleased to announce that due to the easing of restrictions in Victoria...

Our Rescue Service and Boarding Service are fully open again .

Our Education Team is available

for face to face classes.

Our Community Team are available

for visits.

Our Advice Service continues to be available to anyone who needs advice

about any aspect of pet rats -

their care, health, welfare

and housing.

Please contact us via phone, email,

or private Facebook message.

All our contact details are above.


Continue to keep safe,

and love your rats. 

Rescue Service Update

If you are thinking of adopting

now or in the near future we recommend making contact. 

Please go to the Rescue Service

page for details about the

adoption process

and the information we need

potential adopters to provide.

Website Updates
2003.02.02 steph at caulfield.JPG


2nd February , 2003

at Caulfield Pet Expo



In 2021 we celebrate the 25th

anniversary of  the AusRFS. 

Check out the Archives page

for a look back at our rich rattie history. 


Upcoming Events

Sunday 8th August     

AusRFS Annual Show


(Members gathering

Championship Show &

25th Anniversary Celebration)

Please go to Upcoming Events

for the full list of upcoming events.


Most of the pet expos and community

events that we usually attend each year,

are either not being held in 2021,

or the organisers are holding off announcing dates.


Therefore we are unable to publish a

full calendar of events for the whole year.


As events are confirmed we will publish the details on our Website and Facebook so please check for updates.

Information about Pet Rats & the AusRFS

Click on the heading of this box to download,

or contact the AusRFS if you would like

a printed copy posted to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the uncertainly regarding events for this year, our 2021 brochure does not contain the usual

calendar of events for the year. 

AusRFS Brochure 2020_Page_01.jpg

The cover of this year's brochure features Tex,

owned and photographed by Lisa O.

The Pet Rat
Care Guide

The 2nd edition of the AusRFS book

The Pet Rat Care Guide

is available in printed or digital format.

Please go to the Publications page.

book cover.jpg

The cover of this book features Moonbeam,

owned and photographed by Donna R.

All photos on our website and pubications have been taken by AusRFS members,

all rats featured are owned by AusRFS members or are wards of the AusRFS Rescue Service.

Butterbeers (Caity R)
Butterbeers (Caity R)

Percy, Nigel & Benjamin (Wendy C)
Percy, Nigel & Benjamin (Wendy C)

Benjamin (Wendy C)
Benjamin (Wendy C)

Butterbeers (Caity R)
Butterbeers (Caity R)