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Health Issues 

Rats have very specific health issues and often need to be treated a little differently to other pets.


Our rats can’t tell us where it hurts or what they are feeling.

It is important that owners watch out for signs of illness.


Any changes in behaviour or appearance, even if they don’t seem health related, can be a sign that something is wrong.

Not many vets know a lot about treating rats so its very important to take your rat to a vet who is experienced in treating rats. Please refer to the Vet List page.

Rats can suffer from abscess, tumours (most commonly mammory tumours undesexed females), pituitary tumours, heart issues, strokes and inner ear infections.

But Respiratory Infections are by far the most common health problem in rats


Respiratory problems are the bane of rat owners. Good husbandry and careful selective breeding are only partially successful in limiting the problem.

Owners should monitor their rats breathing, noises and general health carefully.

Seeking experienced veterinary advice and starting the rat on appropriate medication early will provide the best chance of a good outcome.

Please see Vet List page & Nebuliser Hire Service page. For full information about using a nebuliser to treat for respiratory issues, please download our advice document using the link below. 

Nebuliser Treatment for Respiratory Issues

Please click below to download the AusRFS document which explains the procedure,

medications and equipment needed to treat a rat using a nebulising machine.

Updated version 23.5.2023


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