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Rat Shows

Rat owners have a lot of fun showing their pets!

Some shows are open to anyone to enter and some are just for AusRFS members. But all our shows are friendly, supportive and inclusive. We believe that all pet rats are beautiful in their own way, and ALL entrants are admired and appreciated.


The AusRFS conducts 2 types of shows

Championship Shows

At Championship Shows, the rats are judged on their condition, conformation, presentation, temperament and colour/pattern. But there are also sections for rats that don’t fit the show standard. For example in Pet Section, the entrants are judged on “pet” qualities such as personality.


Fun Shows

These are more informal, with categories such as Longest Tail, Cuddliest Rat, Most Playful Rat, Most Affectionate Rat, Most Handsome Boy Rat, Prettiest Girl Rat, and even treat eating competitions ! 


Shows are designated either Open or Members, as shown on our calendar of events.

Open Shows

All pet rat owners are welcome to enter our Open shows. Non-members attend as guests of the AusRFS under the same rules and procedures as members.

Please contact the AusRFS in plenty of time before the day of the show, to allow time for an entry form and show details to be forwarded.


Members Shows

Only rats owned by AusRFS members may be entered into Members Shows. Entry details are published in the club newsletter "Rat Tales".

Is my rat good enough to show?

Yes, they are ! The most important thing is that the rat is healthy, well cared for and friendly. Of course they must also be used to being handled as the judge needs to pick up and examine the rat.

If you've never shown your rat before and don't know what to expect, don't worry. Just contact us and we'll explain everything and help you on the day. AusRFS shows are relaxed and fun and your rat might just win a beautiful rosette or ribbon!


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