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 Boarding Service


The AusRFS can arrange to care for rats when their owners go on holidays etc.


Rat owners often find it difficult to find someone to care for their rats when needed, as friends and family members often don't have much knowledge of how to care for rats and may not notice subtle changes in condition and behaviour which could indicate ill health. So the AusRFS offers boarding as a service to rat owners to allow them to go away with peace of mind knowing their pets are being cared for by an experienced person. 

The rats are cared for by AusRFS Boarding Team members in the carer's home, and treated just like their own rats. All Boarding Team members are experienced and passionate rat lovers and are located all around Melbourne and some regional centres.


AusRFS Boarding Agreement

Please click the title of this box to download

a Boarding Agreement.

AusRFS Boarding Service Checklist

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a handy checklist of items to bring

when having rats boarded.

Percy, Nigel & Bertie

Owners and carers both complete a Boarding Agreement and the full boarding fee is paid directly to the carer. The AusRFS does not make any money from this service.

The boarding fees below are for one cage of rats (maximum recommended 5 rats per cage but this is flexible)

Boarding Fees

$25 per week per cage - AusRFS Members

$35 per week per cage - Others

All food and equipment is supplied by the owner.


Rats are usually more comfortable in their own cages. But if the owner is unable to bring the rat's normal cage, then the AusRFS can usually supply a cage for no additional cost.

Please book as early as possible. Christmas / New Year, Easter and school holidays are our busiest times. 


Please download the Boarding Agreement from the box at the top of this page. This document contains additional information about the Boarding Service and will need to be completed before boarding takes place. However the initial booking can be made by sending an email to the AusRFS with the following information.

Your name:

Your phone number:

Dates that boarding is required:

Your location:

What is the maximum distance you are willing to travel to drop off/collect?:

Can you bring your cage or do you need one supplied?:

Details about the rats:

  • Number of rats: 

  • Age range: 

  • Male/Female:

  • Are they are desexed?

  • Any health issues?

  • Are any currently on medication?

  • Anything else we should know to help us allocate the boarding to a suitable carer.




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