Registered Ratteries


Although the AusRFS is a rescue focused organisation, we do maintain a register of ethical, responsible breeders. By maintaining the registry, we support these breeders who operate in the most ethical, professional manner, and allows us to offer a recommended alternative when appropriate rescues aren't available or are not an option. AusRFS registered breeders liaise closely with our Rescue Service, and where possible, plan their litters for times when our rescue numbers are low. 


Our Registered breeders have passed the society’s comprehensive registration process, which involves a detailed application, interview, written test and home inspection followed by annual inspection and review.


These breeders adhere to the AusRFS Breeders Code of Conduct. They follow carefully planned breeding programs, focussing on health and temperament, they don’t mass breed or sell indiscriminately. Babies are born and raised in the breeder’s home, and are handled from birth in order to provide well socialised and healthy pets to loving homes.

     Current Registered Breeders

Mad Ratter Rattery

Julie McInnes

Phone: 0414 864 278

Polygon R@S

Rebecca Topliss

Phone: 0498 021 237

Please Note

Because of the large number of rats

currently available for adoption

from the AusRFS Rescue Service,

the number of Registered Breeders has reduced and those keeping up their registration are not planning any litters until rescue numbers are back to normal. 


We thank our breeders for their

support and responsible actions.

As a club we don't believe in bringing

more rats into the world when there are

so many perfectly lovely rescues

waiting for their forever homes. 

We encourage all potential owners to consider adopting rescues, especially at this time.