Phone: 9421 0592

49-51 Stewart Street, Richmond

Website: www.hbfashion.com.au


Distributor of premium fashion brands

into the Australian/New Zealand market


Proud to be the main sponsor of the AusRFS


The AusRFS acknowledges the generous support of our sponsors



                 Veterinary Hospital


                             231 Whitehorse Road,

                       Blackburn Vic 3130



Phone: 03) 9878 3033

Email: clinic@whitehorsevet.com.au      

Website: www.whitehorsevet.com.au 


Shaun Wynne & the team offer experienced

and caring service to all rat owners



                   Puppy Power


                                          A One-Stop E-bay Shop

                                for all your pet related needs.


Distributor of the fabulous Ferret Kingdom cage

– the perfect rattie residence.


eBay Store: click here


  Website: www.puppypower.com.au


               Perfect Pets




                          02) 6161 6227             



Australia’s Ethical Pet Directory

Shelter & Rescue, Vet & Animal Health,

Pet Services, Registered Breeders,

Pet Products  & Accessories


             Pets in Heaven


    Phone: 0402 466 988

            Email: info@petsinheaven.com.au

 website: www.petsinheaven.com.au


Individual Pet Cremations.

Professional and caring staff, available 7 days.

Individual collection in elegant and dignified vehicle.


   A family business offering understanding

                & respect to all pet owners,

            including precious little ratties.


For all our Pets

Online Store: www.forallourpets.com.au

Email: sales@forallourpets.com.au

For all your pets needs in every size

 Jumbo Animal Supplies


9 Chapel Street,

Lynbrook VIC 3975


Phone (03) 8768 7799


Providing quality food

for all your pet needs.

Including rat supplies.



The AusRFS welcomes sponsorship or support

from individuals, businesses and other organisations.


Minimum sponsorship amount is $50 a year. 


Please contact the AusRFS for more information.