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Vets who have Experience Treating Rats

Please Note: This is a list of individual VETS not vet clinics. 

When making an appointment please insure you are booking in

to see the vet listed not any other vet at the clinic. 

The only vets that the AusRFS is in a position to recommend are those that

our Club or Rescue Service has worked with directly and we can therefore 

recommend them as being experienced, knowledgeable

and up-to-date with rat treatment and surgery.

These vets are marked below.

The other vets listed are known to have experience treating rats. 

Please contact the vet before making an appointment, to check what

experience they have in relation to specific

treatments and surgery.

If you have any questions please contact the AusRFS.

Note to AusRFS Rescue Service Adopters

The vets marked below as "recommended for desexing surgery"

are the vets we recommend to perform desexing surgery

on rats adopted from our Rescue Service. 

In addition, vets marked * below offer discounted desexing for

rats adopted from our Rescue Service, when owners show a copy

of their AusRFS Rescue Service Adoption Agreement. 

BACCHUS MARSH         Dr Sandie Roberts

                                         Bacchus Marsh Veterinary Centre

                                         7 Clifton Drive, BACCHUS MARSH

                                         Phone:             5367 4000




  BLACKBURN                   Dr Emily Joss (Recomended vet including for desexing surgery)

                                           Dr Rod Wynne (Recomended vet)

                                           Dr Hazel Patterson (consults only, not surgery)

                                         Whitehorse Veterinary Hospital

                                         231 Whitehorse Road, BLACKBURN

                                         Phone:             9878 3033


                                        (Note: Dr Shaun Wynne has recently retired)

BOX HILL NORTH           Dr Fiona Anderson (Consults only, not surgery)

                                         Elgar Road Veterinary Hospital

                                         590 Elgar Road, BOX HILL NORTH

                                         Phone:             9899 9518


CLAYTON                       Dr Georgina Lawler 

                                        Georgie is recommended for desexing surgery

                                        *Discount for desexing AusRFS Rescues (see above)

                                        South Eastern Vet Hospital

                                        1357 Centre Road, CLAYTON

                                        Phone:             9544 6979      


DANDENONG                 Dr Scot Plummer & Dr Amanda Ling

                                        Scot & Amanda are recommended for desexing surgery 

                                        *Discount for desexing AusRFS Rescues (see above)

                                        Melbourne Pet Surgery

                                        44-48 Robinson Street, Dandenong

                                        Phone:             9123 6223     


FRANKSTON                 Dr Emma Robb

                                       Emma is recommended by the AusRFS including for desexing surgery

                                       Beach Street Veterinary Clinic

                                       196 Beach Street, FRANKSTON

                                       Phone:             9781 4499


                                          Hoppers Crossing Veterinary Clinic & Hospital
                                          5 Barbers Drive, HOPPERS CROSSING
                                          Phone:             9748 6644

IVANHOE EAST               Dr Robert Gropel

                                         Rob is recommended for desexing surgery

                                         Ivanhoe East Veterinary Hospital

                                         257 Lower Heidelberg Road, IVANHOE EAST

                                         Phone:             9497 3003

SANDRINGHAM               Dr Adam Marques
                                          Sandringham Veterinary Hospital
                                          26 Abbott St, SANDRINGHAM  3191
                                          Phone:             9598 7848


SURREY HILLS                Dr Lynda Bonning

                                          Canterbury Veterinary Clinic

                                          721 Canterbury Rd, SURREY HILLS

                                          Phone:             9836 2708


WARRANWOOD               Dr Brendan Carmel or Dr John Choi

                                          Warranwood Veterinary Centre
                                          1 Colman Rd, WARRANWOOD
                                          Phone:             9879 0900

WARRAGUL                     Dr Terri Wilks

                                         Terri is recommended for desexing surgery

                                          Bawbaw Paws

                                          25 Princes Way, WARRAGUL

                                          Phone:             5623 4849

WILLIAMSTOWN              Dr Ross Payne
                                          Greencross Vets Williamstown
                                          137 Railway Place, WILLIAMSTOWN
                                          Phone:             9397 8002  or  9399 9366



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