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          Where to purchase


If you can make it to one of our displays that’s a great way to meet some different rats and speak to their owners about what it’s like to live with ratties. To see all our events for the current year, Click on the EVENTS tab above and go to Calendar.

Otherwise please feel free to call one of our advice lines. Its also a good idea to read through our book The Pet Rat Care Guide. Please make sure you have all your questions answered before making the final decision.


Once you are sure rats are for you, then we can help you find your new companions, a cage and everything else they need.


You might also like to join the AusRFS, this is a great way to learn and share experiences with like-minded people. Getting pet rats can involve a very steep learning curve, so new owners especially get a lot out of membership.



We recommend purchasing from our Rescue Service or AusRFS Registered Breeders. Our society goes to a lot of effort to ensure these are run to the very highest standards. If purchasing elsewhere, please do your homework and ask the seller lots of questions. If a breeder says they are “registered” ask what organization they are registered with and check with the organisation. Please also keep in mind that an impressive website doesn’t necessary reflect a person’s experience, ethics or breeding practices.




Rats in shops have usually been indiscriminately bred, inadequately socialised and inappropriately housed. Shop staff often don’t know anything about rats so the care and housing advice given can be completely wrong. Its also very common for shops to incorrectly sex babies resulting in males and females being kept together. So unfortunately people who buy female rats from shops often discover their rat is pregnant.


On-line trading sites are also not a good choice to find your new pets, as respected breeders are unlikely to advertise their rats in this way. They are more likely to be mass breeders or feeder breeders (people who breed rats as food for other animals).



The AusRFS supports Oscar’s Law



Abolish the factory farming of companion animals.

Ban the sale of companion animals from pets shops/online trading sites.


Promote adoption through rescue groups/pounds/shelters.


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