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Membership Application Form

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Anyone who owns, or is interested in pet rats is welcome to apply to join the AusRFS. Members receive a comprehensive Members Kit, copy of our book The Pet Rat Care Guide, regular newsletter - Rat Tales, and invitations to attend all AusRFS public displays, shows and social gatherings. Members also receive reduced rates for show entries and discounts for a variety of merchandise including Ferret Kingdom cages.

Please read the information on this page, then fill in an application and pay the appropriate membership fee.


The AusRFS offers a cooling off period. If within 30 days, a new member decides that the AusRFS is not for them, then on return of their Members Kit, their membership will be cancelled and fees refunded.

Oreo helping his owner Bianca 

fill out her membership application.


The AusRFS does not accept membership applications from:

  • Feeder Breeders (people who breed rats as food for other animals).

  • Breeders of Blue, Double Rex, Hairless, Patchwork, or Manx (tailless) varieties of rats.

(These varieties can suffer from health issues and the AusRFS considers it unethical to breed them.

Since we don’t wish to promote these varieties in any way, they cannot be brought to our public displays

or bred by members.)




A $15 initial joining fee is applicable to all new memberships (per single, couple or family).


SINGLE – $35 including joining fee for first year ($20.00 pa thereafter)

Must be at least 16 years of age. (see note re Junior Members)


COUPLE - $45 including joining fee for first year ($30.00 pa thereafter)

Two people living in the same household. Either two adults or an adult  and a child (one person must be at least 16 years)


FAMILY - $55 including joining fee for first year ($40.00 pa thereafter)

All those living as a family at the same address (1 person must be at least 16 years).


Membership runs for a calendar year 1st January - 31st December. Those joining between 1st July - 30th November pay half the annual fee. Those joining after 1st December pay the full annual fee but have their membership carried forward until 31st December the following year.


Membership fees can be paid by cheque or by direct bank deposit into the club account:


BSB:                 033060

Account No:   328949

Name:              Australian Rat Fanciers Society Inc.


When payment by direct deposit please use your name as a reference to the transaction.

Junior Members

The children in our society are valued members and are encouraged to participate in all our activities.  Special children’s activities are held throughout the year, such as colouring and puzzle competitions.


Please note: children under 16 must be accompanied to AusRFS events by an adult member. Therefore we don’t offer single junior membership. Membership is optional for children under 5 years. Members may bring their children under 5 to events without having to join them as a member. Family membership covers all family members whatever their age.