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 For information about cages, including pros and cons of the most popular cages currently available, approximate costs, where to buy etc, 

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Ferret Kingdom Cages

for AusRFS Members

By special arrangement club members are able to purchase Ferret Kingdom and Ferret Kingdom Junior cages at a discount price.

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Trays for Ferret Kingdom Cages

AusRFS has designed high sided trays to fit Ferret Kingdom cages. Made of non-chew hard plastic, they are available for purchase directly from a Melbourne manufacturer.

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NEW OWNERS - before purchasing a cage,

please, please read all the information on this page

and download the cage advice document using the link above.

So many people waste their money on cages that are not suitable for rats.

If you have any questions then just contact the AusRFS, we are happy to help.


Rats are kept in cages, similar to a very large bird cage. They need excellent air ventilation, so should not be kept in enclosures with completely solid walls, and NEVER in a glass aquarium.

There aren’t many good rat cages available and although many cages are described as being suitable for rats, a lot of these are far too small or have bar space which is far too wide for rats. Also be aware that accessories that may come with a “rat” cage might not be useable, for instance the drip drink bottles that come with most cages, are usually not suitable for rats, as the ball size is too heavy for rats to use, and they won’t be able to get any water out of them.


Most people start out with a less expensive cage and upgrade to a better one, or in a lot of cases upgrade several times! So in the long run its cheaper to invest in a better cage in the first place. A good quality cage will look better, last longer, be easier to clean and decorate and will make life with your new pets much easier and more enjoyable.

Please download the AusRFS Cage Advice document using the link at the top right of this page for some examples of good cages and where to buy them. 


Cages differ a lot in their design and quality so it’s a good idea to actually see all the options before purchasing - taking into account where the cage will be placed and how you will be keeping your rats. For example you may prefer a freestanding cage on wheels if you are going to be moving the cage from room to room. If you are not going to litter train your rats, you will need a cage with a deep base to spread with litter, but if your rats use a litter tray to toilet in then you don’t have to have a cage with a deep base.


If you are new to rats, it’s a really good idea to speak to different people about how they keep their rats, and if possible go and see their cage set ups as different things work for different people. For more ideas for things to put in your cage try doing an internet image search on words like “rat cage set up” or “rat cage decoration”.


Size:   Bigger is definitely better.

78cm wide x 51cm high x 44cm deep, would be considered a small / medium cage.

93cm wide x 121cm high x 63cm deep, would be considered a good big cage.


Bar spacingThis is very important ! Rats can squeeze through very small spaces, so bar spacing should be no wider than 1.25cm.


Flooring/Levels:  Cages with plenty of floorspace are best. Multiple levels are good but need to provide a large enough space to place large items such as hide houses, litter tray, pipes food dishes and toys as well as a flat area for rats to run and play. So a cage with one or two big levels/platforms would be much better than a cage with multiple small platforms. connected by ladders. Though of course ramps and ladders are useful to allow the rats to move from one space to another. 

Additional levels can be easily added to most cages by attaching the levels onto the cage bars with cable ties (but be aware that most rats will chew cable ties !)


Rat cages should not have wire flooring, these can cause ulcers and injuries to rat’s feet. If your cage has wire levels they should either be replaced with solid levels or covered with some sort of a solid sheeting. Very thick plastic is best but something like vinyl flooring will also do. Any company that cuts/moulds plastic should be able to make levels and trays to measure, but the AusRFS can provide details of companies that our members have used. In addition some people also like to cover their cage levels with fleece fabric, others prefer to lay down newspaper.


Galvanized metal cages aren’t recommended but if you really must use them, be sure to wash the cage thoroughly with a vinegar solution to avoid the risk of zinc poisoning.


Cages can be professionally powdercoated to give them a new look or new colour. The AusRFS has details of a company that some of our members have used.

The AusRFS is always available to answer questions. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

All cages pictured are

Ferret Kingdom cages.

These cages come in 2 sizes

and are highly recommended.

The cage at the top of the page is also a Ferret Kingdom which has had some modifications and powder coated white.

By special arrangement these cages are available to AusRFS members at a discount price.

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of this page for details.