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Public Displays

The AusRFS holds displays at many pet expos and community events around Victoria. One of the AusRFS display signs, reads “Prejudices Dispelled Here!” The aim is to show the public what pet rats are really like, and provide correct information about these wonderful little creatures and how to care for them.

Large display boards are filled with pictures, and information about pet rats, and free printed material is available.


We have lots of rat related items for sale. Also $1 lucky dips for the kids.


A large digital photo frame shows members’ photos and home movies. This gives visitors a better idea of what its like to live with pet rats and shows the cages they should be kept in at home, which are very different to the small travel cages we bring our rats to displays in.


The welfare of our pets is our number one priority, and all rats remain under their owner’s supervision at all times.


Our rats are bonded with humans, they enjoy being patted and handled, and take all the attention in their stride. But we have strict rules and constant monitoring to ensure that they are always relaxed and comfortable.


We do not sell rats at AusRFS events, as we believe that a new pet should never be an impulse decision. Instead we provide all the information and advice needed to make an informed decision.


Once people are sure that rats are the right pet for them, we can help them acquire their new companions, and everything they need. 



Our members take great pride in their rats and their club and our display reflects this. The fact that rats are often misunderstood by the public makes us even keener to get out there and dispel the misconceptions. The members manning the display bring their own pet rats and visitors are encouraged to interact with them. We love to talk about our much loved pets, but our rats themselves are the best ambassadors. So a play table is set up with toys etc to allow visitors the opportunity to "pat a rat "or spend some time playing with some of our gorgeous rats.

Yogi on the play table ready to greet display visitors

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