If you love pet rats, or you just want to find out more about them

then you have come to the right place ! 




The Australian Rat Fanciers Society

is based in Melbourne and is a club for

owners of domesticated pet rats (Rattus norvegicus).


We are a very active, social and family orientated club.

Members come from all walks of life, backgrounds

and age groups, but share a common passion – RATTIES.

Ruby & Barry owned by Chelsea G

AusRFS Rescue Service Update


Unfortunately 2019 has been our busiest

year for rescues - ever !

So if you are thinking of adopting a rescue,

now would be an excellent time !

Surrenders continue to come

in almost daily. So although

adoptions are steady, our

numbers remain high.

Rats range from babies to

2 years, males and females

some have already been


Thank you to the AusRFS

members who open their

hearts and homes to help

out with fostering these

darlings. Even though we

have a large number of rats

in our care, we always do 

our very best for every single

one. Here are some photos

of a few of our rescues





If you are thinking about adopting please contact

Julie McInnes, our Rescue Service Co-ordinator

via email ausrfs@ausrfs.org.au

Please include the following information:

•   Name

•   Phone number

•   Suburb/area

•   How many rats you were thinking of adopting?

•   Male or female, approxiate age.

•   Do you need the rat to be desexed?

•   When were you thinking of adopting?

•   If the rat is for a child – how old are they?

•   Will these be your first rats?

    If not - what experience you have with rats. 

•   If you currently have rats – what do you have.

•   Do you have a cage?  If so what sort/size.

    If possible please send a photo of your cage.

If you don’t have a cage, and can give advice on cages, we also have a few cages available for purchase.

Please let us know anything else that might assist finding your perfect match.

Adoption fees 
$25 each
$50 desexed male
$60 desexed female 
(Desexing fee is subsidized by the AusRFS)

Follow these links to see more photos of the rats currently  in our care:

Link 1


Link 2

Our Next Event

AusRFS Annual General Meeting

Sunday, 16th February

Please See  Events 2020  

for a full list of events for this year.


From our Archives.....



2nd Feburary , 2003

at Caulfield Pet Expo




5th March, 2005

at Koorumburra Agricultural Show




27th September, 2007

at the Royal Melbourne Show




5th November, 2006

at Whittlesea Agricultural Show



Latest News

Information about Pet Rats & the AusRFS

including a calendar of events for the year.

Click on the heading of this box to download,

or contact the AusRFS if you would like

a printed copy posted to you.

The cover of this year's brochure features

two wards of our Rescue Service.

All rat featured in the brochure are either current wards of our Rescue Service or have been adopted from our Rescue Service.

The Pet Rat
Care Guide

The 2nd edition of the AusRFS book

The Pet Rat Care Guide

is now available in printed or digital format.

Please see the Publications page under 

the AusRFS Activities tab.

The cover of this book features Moonbeam,

owned and photographed by Donna R.

All photos on our website and pubications have been taken by AusRFS members,

all rats featured are owned by AusRFS members or are wards of the AusRFS Rescue Service.


Phone                        0401 741 162 (voice calls only, no texts please)

Email                         ausrfs@ausrfs.org.au

Website                     www.ausrfs.org.au

Postal Address         PO Box 5001, Hughesdale, VIC  3166

Facebook Page         www.facebook.com/AustralianRatFanciersSociety

Advice Lines             0401 741 162,   0400 928 044,   0498 021 237

Boarding Service      Via the AusRFS email address or phone number

Rescue Service         Julie McInnes - Phone:  0414 864 278

Butterbeers (Caity R)