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AusRFS Online Membership Application

By submitting this form, new members agree to the following:  


AusRFS Members must:
1.  Have a love of rats and concern for their well-being.
2.  Care for their rats to the best of their ability, treating them as family members and with        respect.
3.  Keep rats purely as a hobby.
4.  Not breed rats to be used as food for other animals
5.  Not knowingly breed the following varieties of rats: Double Rex, Patchwork, Hairless or          Manx (tailless).
6.  Abide by the rules and procedures of the AusRFS.
7.  When attending AusRFS functions, attend for the enjoyment of rats and the company          of other AusRFS members and behave in an appropriate manner and in good humor.
8.   At all times promote pet rats and the AusRFS with pride. 

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Personal Details

Single membership or first person in a couple or family.

Second person in a couple or family.

Family Membership

Please list details of additional family members below.  Please include an email address for each person who wants to receive club emails.

Book - The Pet Rat Care Guide

rat care guide pic.jpg

New members receive a free PDF version of this book as well as printed copy.

Only fill this section if you DO NOT want a printed copy of this book.

Please answer the following questions.

Extra information/fees

Joining in January -June           

Single $35

Couple $45

Family $ 55

Membership will run till

31st December of that year.

Joining in July-November           

Single $25

Couple $30

Family $35

Membership will run till

31st December of that year.

Joining in December       


Single $35

Couple $45

Family $55

Membership will run till

31st December of the following year.

The fees listed above include a $15 one-off  joining fee.

Membership renewals are: Single $20, Couple $30, Family $40 PA for subsequent years.

Please pay your membership fee by direct deposit into the following account:

BSB                                 033060 


NAME                             Australian Rat Fanciers Society Inc.

Please include your name as a note to the transaction, so we can tell who the payment come from. You might also like to send us an email with the details of the payment. If you wish to pay by cheque, please contacy the AusRFS for our postal address. 


If you have any questions about Membership, the club or rat ownership,

please don't hesitate to contact us.

                                     Phone:                 0401 741 162


The Australian Rat Fanciers Society Inc reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership if it believes a person's behaviour, rat keeping or breeding practices are harmful to the rats or the AusRFS.

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